Caribbean Beach Resort, Cayo Coco aanbieding v.a. €1381 (2023)

  • Caribbean Beach Resort, Cayo Coco aanbieding v.a. €1381 (1)
  • Caribbean Beach Resort, Cayo Coco aanbieding v.a. €1381 (2)
  • Caribbean Beach Resort, Cayo Coco aanbieding v.a. €1381 (3)
  • Caribbean Beach Resort, Cayo Coco aanbieding v.a. €1381 (4)

Memories Caribe Beach Resort is a prestigious 4 star hotel located in Cayo Coco (Ciego De Avila region, Cuba). Current prices start from 1381 EUR (all inclusive). On average, you'll have to make do with around 30 °C, a pleasant time to travel between November and April. Experience the customs and customs of Cuba and find your ideal tour today. With our holiday comparator you can find the lowest prices from travel agencies such as Tui and De Jong Intra and travel via Schiphol, Eindhoven or Maastricht (Aachen), Groningen (Elder). ), Bremen, Cologne, Düsseldorf on Eurowings flights.

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Hotel nameCaribbean Beach Resort
class4 stars
placecocoa island
RegionSego de Avila
day temperature30 degrees
Travel time (average)11 hours
Bookable:family with kids and honeymoon
local currencyCuban Peso (CUP)

A special message about your vacation
Book Caribe Beach Resort at an affordable price? This residence is located in Ciego De Avila, Cuba. The climate is a tropical grassland climate, and the annual average temperature is still 30 degrees Celsius. July is the hottest period with about 35 degrees. January is the least warm (28°C). November to April is the right time to travel here. The language here is Spanish, and the currency is Cuban Peso (CUP). Most belong to Christianity, Protestantism, Yohowaism. The phone code is +253 and the voltage is 110/220 volts. From here you can fly to Havana (HAV), Varadero (VRO) and Holguin (HOG). On average, you have to count on 11 hours of travel time. Time zone: UTC-04 (6 hours ahead of the time difference). The holiday home offers a wide range of facilities such as air conditioning, bar, babysitting, kids club, outdoor swimming pool, playground, restaurant, safe, sauna. Also be sure to visit hotel deals such as,key to heavenofMelia America.

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do you like it Vacationing at Memories Caribbean Beach Resort? This is a great hotel in Cayo Coco, Cuba. Also a nice hotspot and a great place to travel. .Below you will find the best last minute deals from specialist Dutch holiday companies such as Tui & Lavida Travel. In an increasing number of cases, consumers tend to package vacations that include airfare, hotel or resort airfare, and transportation to their lodgings. Such benefits? Secure your vacation for one low price and save a lot of time. Also important: In the event of a disaster, you can complain to 1 organization. There is usually a contact person on site who can assist you.

  • Caribe Beach Resort is a top resort in Ciego De Avila, Cuba.
  • Bookings can be made according to different types of care (all inclusive or all inclusive).
  • Book this holiday from €1381 per person on a 4-star all-inclusive basis.
  • The recommended time to stay here is November to April.
  • or find the best price, such asSeptember 7, 2023,April 7, 2024ofJuly 5, 2023.

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Last Minute Deals Thursday 8 June 2023

Are you really ready for vacation and want to leave in a few days? Often you can opt for lucrative Memories Caribe Beach Resort last minute deals. While there is still room left in your accommodation in Ciego De Avila, you can book these rooms at very low prices through operators such as Alltours. Therefore, flexible tourists enjoy a substantial discount of up to 175 EUR per stay. The important thing is that you have flexibility in choosing your departure date to Cayo Coco. Tip: Make sure you travel safely and arrange cancellation and/or travel insurance. Options are continuous holiday insurance (if you go more than 2 times) or short term insurance.

Top Travel Agents June 2023

  1. D-Reizen: also available for ultra-all-inclusive holidays.
  2. Holiday discount: telephone customer service.
  3. Corendon: Excellent customer service.
  4. TUI: Online Help Desk.
  5. Suntip: Provides 1 to 5 stars.
  6. Sunweb: Help with renting a car.
  7. Kras: The hottest holiday ever.
  8. Complimentary: It's a pleasure to check in.
  9. Dot travel: ideal for families and couples.
  10. Alltours: Also available for Christmas holidays.

Memories Caribbean Beach Resort All Inclusive Vacations

Do you want to book a hotel online? If you are in the booking process, you will be asked for your type of care. Is accommodation based accommodation enough, do I want half board (breakfast plus dinner), or do I want to think about nothing and just have an ultra all inclusive holiday?Book Caribe Beach Resort Cheap All InclusiveMeans a 100% hassle-free vacation. Dinner and drinks are fully included in the price. This allows you to have an unforgettable vacation and enjoy the clearest experience without paying high fees. Only day trips, souvenirs and/or excursions are not included. This is the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Cuban cuisine at the famous Cayo Coco. Is Memory Caribbean Beach Resort All Inclusive right for me? Below you will find the latest negative and positive news. the same goes for holidaysNorway,Diekirchofsit bones.

Advantages all inclusive

  1. You know in advance what you're missing.
  2. Food (+ snacks) and drinks at the bar are unlimited.
  3. Various excursions in Cayo Coco.

3 negatives all inclusive

  1. The menu lacks variety.
  2. Many tourists stay near the hotel.
  3. Can be busy at times.

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What are the facilities at the Caribbean Beach Resort?

This destination offers many possibilities such as air conditioning, bar, babysitting, kids club, outdoor swimming pool, playground, restaurant, safe, sauna. Are there any other requests/wishes such as lactose free food or dogs? Please contact this hotel in Cayo Coco.

What is the cheapest price for this hotel?

Current prices are determined by many factors such as booking date, airport, airline and accommodation. Can't go out on school holidays? Don't wait too long to book and take advantage of the early bird discount. The lowest prices can be found during quieter times outside of school holidays, or if you book today and leave within 6 weeks (last minute). The sum keeps fluctuating. Click on the desired travel agency and view the total amount for the trip.

Which airlines can I choose?

Dependable airlines like El Al Israel Airlines (LY) and KLM Cityhopper offer a variety of options for Ciego De Avila. Take advantage of sites like for all the offerings and costs per person. Fancy a cheap Memories Caribe Beach Resort vacation package? In that case, you're stuck in the society you've chosen.

How is the location of this resort?

This hotel in Cayo Coco has easy access to famous airports such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven and Bremen Airports, Brussels (Zaventem), Maastricht (Aachen), Düsseldorf, Cologne . From the airport of arrival in Cuba, it is a short distance from the Caribbean Beach Resort. Choose Taxi or Train/Bus (OV).

Are you looking for more information? On the right you will find our FAQs about accommodation (the most frequently asked questions). How to book? Then follow a helpful 5-step plan.

  1. Choose a travel agency

    Don't limit yourself to total cost. Also, check if the travel agency also works with GSC and ANVR. Also be aware of additional costs (reservation and administration fees or end-of-stay cleaning) and other guest reviews.

  2. select tour group

    Start with the number of vacationers leaving with you. Select the age of each traveler, and you can also add extra accommodation here.

  3. Select an airport and departure date

    Decide which airport is convenient for you now. Both close and far from home (Germany and Belgium). Schiphol Airport was and remains the most popular choice, but Bremen and Eindhoven are also attractive starting points: affordable and easily accessible.

  4. What type of care do you want?

    Are you discussing booking Flights + Memories Caribe Beach Resort All Inclusive Package Travel? Or just bed and breakfast? Unique inclusive vacations offer the ultimate in comfort, but at a higher booking price.

  5. Check prices and book your vacation

    Find out the different options and see the total price. Is this to your liking? You can now book Caribe Beach Resort deals directly over the internet and pay by iDeal, credit card or Paypal.

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directCompare Caribbean Beach ResortsBased on the travel experiences of other vacationers? If this seems relevant to you, there are plenty of useful sites available. Zooover and are popular for this. Elements that can be reviewed are: Pool, Location, Room, Quality Bed, Wifi, Entertainment, Staff, Showers, Health, Hygiene, Activities, Environment, Places of Interest, Kid Friendly, Accessibility. Memories Caribe Beach Resort in Cayo Coco (Ciego De Avila, Cuba) has an international rating of 4 stars. Would you like to write the review yourself? Select the number of stars you'd like to award for this stay.


Is Cayo Coco worth it? ›

In conclusion, Cayo Coco is a beautiful and safe destination for travelers looking for a relaxing beach vacation with plenty of activities and attractions to explore.

Does Cayo Coco have nice beaches? ›

What are the best beaches in Cayo Coco? The main attractions of this island are its beautiful fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters, of which the most spectacular are Playa las Coloradas, Playa Larga, and Playa Flamencos.

What are the beaches like in Cayo Coco? ›

The Beaches

The gorgeous beaches of Cayo Coco cover almost the entire length of the northern coastline. They are made of powdery white sand bathed by crystal-clear turquoise waters and the sea is calm, making this beach-resort a perfect place to enjoy safe swimming, water sports, and long walks on the beach.

What province is Cayo Coco Cuba in? ›

Cayo Coco (Cays) or (The Keys) is an island in central Cuba, known for its all-inclusive resorts. It lies within the Ciego de Ávila Province and is part of a chain of islands called Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens).

Are mosquitoes bad in Cayo Coco? ›

Most resorts fog twice a day to keep the mosquitoes down. Don't let the Mosquitoes ruin your trip, they're there, make the best of it. We,ve been to Cayo Coco in November and February and not a one in sight. Ya I think it is a seasonal problem..

What is the best time of year to visit Cayo Coco? ›

The best time to visit Cayo Coco is December-April

Based on criteria such as the weather, cost of flights and hotels, and peak travel periods, December-April is the best time to go to Cayo Coco.

Is Coco Beach clothing optional? ›

We've always encountered nude sunbathers in the section at Coco Beach and of course, those persons walking along the entire stretch of the bay. The only portion of beach that is clothing optional can be found where Club Orient is located, which is a naturist resort at the southernmost end of the bay.

Can I swim at Coco Beach? ›

Visitors can enjoy fishing, swimming, surfing, sunbathing and the oceanview.

Why is Cayo Coco so popular? ›

Why Is Cayo Coco Famous? Cayo Coco is known for being a hotel and resort zone, where tourists can travel for a luxurious holiday in one of the all-inclusive resorts on the island.

Is the water warm in Cayo Coco? ›

Average annual water temperature on the coast in Cayo Coco is 81°F, by the seasons: in winter 78°F, in spring 80°F, in summer 84°F, in autumn 83°F. Minimum water temperature (76°F) in Cayo Coco it happens in January, maximum (86°F) in August.

How far is the airport from Cayo Coco? ›

How far from the airport is the Melia Cayo Coco? The Melia Cayo Coco is located 12 km from Cayo Coco International Airport.

What is the most beautiful beach in Cayo Coco? ›

Playa Larga is perhaps the most popular beach in Cayo Coco, a 2.6 kilometer stretch of perfect white sand and calm turquoise waters between Punta Rasa and Penon Las Coloradas. There are several hotels located on Playa Larga, offering all manner of amenities.

Can Americans go to Cayo Coco? ›

Cayo Coco has a small international airport. It is possible to fly to Cuba via the USA, but there are certain restrictions: the US authorities do not allow its citizens to visit Cuba for tourism purposes.

Can you drink the water in Cayo Coco Cuba? ›

As a general rule, you should avoid tap water in Cuba and stick to drinking bottled water. This includes mixed drinks made with tap water and beverages containing ice made from tap water (pro tip: when drinking water in Cuba at local restaurants, ask for your drinks without ice).

What language do they speak in Cayo Coco? ›

The language spoken in Cayo Coco is Spanish.

Are bed bugs bad in Cuba? ›

Yes Cuba is full of bed bugs (they harbor Chagas disease) and Illegals are bringing Chagas disease to the USA from Mejico and Central America.

What time of year are sand fleas the worst? ›

You can catch your own fleas year-round in the surf zone, but where I rake them (the Southeast Florida coast) September through November are the best months.

What money should I take to Cuba? ›

The best currency to bring to Cuba is still the Euro because it is accepted everywhere and has a high conversion value. It's also subject to the lowest exchange fee of 2% (the US dollar is subject to an 8% exchange fee).

What currency to bring to Cayo Coco? ›

Foreign currencies are preferred, but tipping in Cuban Pesos (CUP) is fine too. EUR, CAD and USD are usually the most coveted currencies. Cubans can use these hard currencies to load their MLC card, more on MLC store below.

Can you swim with dolphins in Cayo Coco? ›

Swim or Interact with Dolphins

An optional photo/video service is offered at extra cost. Program: Transfer by bus from your hotel to the Delfinario (dolphinarium). Briefing on the program and how to keep both you and the dolphins safe as you enjoy your interaction/swim with these intelligent and graceful mammals.

What town is close to Cayo Coco? ›

The town of Moron

Morón is a town and a municipality in the Ciego de Avila Province in Cuba. It's the closest city to the Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens) beach-resort (Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Paredon Grande), see the interactive map at the bottom of the page.

Can you drink alcohol on Coco Beach? ›

No Trash – Some people, unfortunately, think of the beach as the world's largest ashtray – if you smoke, please do not leave cigarette butts behind. No Glass on the Beach – Cocoa Beach is one of the few that allows alcohol on the beach, but glass bottles are against the law.

Can a lady wear jeans to the beach? ›

Whether you wear them with a cute tank, or just your bathing suit top, loose jeans are a beach staple.

Is Coco Beach water blue? ›

This beach town is known for its clear blue waters, white sand, long coastline, tons of water activities, and exciting tourist attractions. Cocoa Beach is a fun destination for a winter vacation as you can escape the crowds of the summer season.

Are there free pools at CocoCay? ›

Oasis Lagoon is a massive pool that's open to all guests at no charge. Just know that it's not heated and can be a little cool in the winter! The Oasis Lagoon is a huge freshwater pool that's located in the center of CocoCay.

Can you wear water shoes at CocoCay? ›

Proper footwear

Your shoes must have a closed toe area and be secured around the back of your foot as well. Sneakers or enclosed water shoes are great options.

Can you drink at CocoCay? ›

Enjoy the land, swim up, and floating bars for an iced cold beer, tropical drink, or one of the island's signature drinks - Coco Cuvee. When you spend the Perfect Day at CocoCay, the food and drink is just as thrilling as the attractions!

What is the most expensive thing in Cayo? ›

Black Panther Statue

The statue is Cayo Perico's biggest haul by far.

Does it rain a lot in Cayo Coco? ›

The resort has a wet season between May and November when the weather in Cayo Coco is hot, humid and wet. December to April is the dry season, with warm and dry weather that's perfect if you want to avoid heavy rain showers.

Which Cayo is the best in Cuba? ›

Cayo Coco is located along Cuba's northern coast and is arguably Cuba's most famous cay. Home to some of the best beaches in Cuba, Cayo Coco has long been one of Cuba's premier beach destinations, home to a number of resorts.

Is Cayo Coco or Varadero better? ›

Varadero gives you lots of opportunities to get out and about where as Cayo Coco is much more resort based. The standards of hotels are more modern in Varadero than in Cayo Coco but thats not necessarily a negative! The beaches in Cayo Coco are amazing!! walked for miles.

What is Cayo Coco known for? ›

Cayo Coco is named after the white ibis which is locally called coco bird. This sun destination is mostly renowned for its pristine white sand beaches stretching for miles, its calm and shallow crystal-clear waters, and for its quiet away-from-it-all atmosphere and natural surroundings.

Why are Cuba resorts so cheap? ›

Factoring in exchange rates, Cuba is the most economical vacation destination largely due to flight costs — which are second to U.S. destinations that are less expensive due to proximity for Canadians — according to's statistics.

What currency is used in Cayo Coco? ›

Currency in Cuba can sometimes get a little confusing for those visiting the country for the first time. This is because it actually has two currencies – the Cuban Peso and the Cuban Convertible Peso.

What is the hottest month in Cayo Coco? ›

June is the hottest month in Cayo Coco with an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) and the coldest is January at 22°C (72°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in August.

What is the hottest month in Cuba? ›

Average monthly temperatures

The hottest month of the year is August with an average daily maximum of 33 C and an average low of 24 C. The coolest month of the year is January with an average daily maximum of 27 C and an average low of 18 C.

What is the rainiest month in Cuba? ›

However, this is also the most humid time of year to visit; especially in September with an average humidity of 80%. It also sees the most amount of rainfall, with as much as 141mm falling on average in June.

Do I need to bring toilet paper to Cuba? ›

Soap, shampoo, and toilet paper are hot commodities in Cuba and nowhere nearly as accessible as we are accustomed to in the U.S. It's a good idea to keep toilet paper or tissues in your bag, along with hand sanitizer, as many public restrooms do not have toilet paper or soap.

Is the food good in Cuba? ›

While you'll often be able to eat simply prepared, good food in Cuba, Cuban cuisine is generally not a gastronomic delight. Spices are not really used in cooking, and most Cubans have a distaste for hot, spicy food altogether.

Can I take snacks to Cuba? ›

I would like to bring snacks-including nuts, maybe frozen milk, some fruit and other snack items--granola bars, crackers etc. But to summarize, there are a few exception, but you can take things that are transformed or processed, but nothing fresh. So you cannot take fruits, unless they are dried or canned.


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