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The fat-dissolving injection is a new and innovative method for fat reduction. Compared to the traditional way of fat reduction, this is a gentler form that does not disrupt body function. Today many people struggle with their body weight and do everything they can to look fit. Exercise and eating right are always solutions.

However, some body parts cannot be fixed no matter how much you exercise or follow a strict diet. Some people want instant results so they can skip the workout, especially if only one or two body parts need fixing. In this case, a fat-dissolving injection can be a good alternative, and you don't have to sweat it out to achieve your aesthetic goal.

What is a fat-dissolving injection?

Fat dissolving injection, sometimes known as injection lipolysis, is a treatment that breaks down adipocytes (fat cells) through the use of an injectable agent and is a non-surgical alternative to fat reduction. The main ingredient in these injections is a substance called deoxycholic acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps digest fat. Kybella is currently the only form of fat-dissolving injection approved by the FDA. It was originally intended for reducing submental fat or fat under the chin, also known as a double chin, but is now used on other parts of the body as well.

Benefits of fat-dissolving injection

Aside from being a gentle and non-invasive procedure compared to surgical lipolysis, fat-dissolving injection treatments have several other advantages. Some of theServicescontain:

路 Efficacy in reducing or eliminating fats, especially in the submental area

路 Improved mental and physical confidence due to the improvement in appearance

路 No downtime and long recovery required

路 Natural looking results

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Long-lasting results (with proper weight maintenance)

路 No cuts and scars

路 Minimal side effects

Fat-dissolving injection procedure

The procedure for a fat-dissolving injection treatment takes as little as 20 minutes to an hour at most, depending on how much fat is being removed and how many parts of the body are being treated. This should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who has sufficient knowledge and experience in fat reduction with injections.

For best results, this procedure should be repeated two to five times at four to six week intervals, with a maximum of eight weeks. The following are thestepsduring a fat-dissolving injection treatment:

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1. Before the start of the procedure, the patient signs an informed consent form and is photographed for documentation purposes.

2. Then they draw a boundary in the area to be treated. Once the contour has been created, mark injection points at a distance of 1 cm to a grid-like auxiliary line.

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3. Usually no anesthesia is required during the procedure as the injection will not cause too much discomfort. However, if the patient is sensitive to the sensation of a needle stick, topical anesthesia can be used.

4. Before the doctor injects the treatment site, he makes sure that it has been disinfected. Using the grid, they start injecting the site. The usual amount injected for each session is 3-5 ml deoxycholic acid divided into several injections. A dose of 0.2鈥0.3 ml is administered for each stitch, totaling 30鈥50 mg of deoxycholic acid for each session.

5. When injecting the deoxycholic acid, it is highly recommended to pinch the area with the non-dominant hand to ensure the injection is in the right place. For each injection stitch, the doctor will ensure that it is inserted between 6 and 10mm deep as the fats are deep in the dermis.

6. Once they have finished injecting the treatment area with sufficient dose, they apply topical antibiotics to ensure that the newly pricked area does not become infected when the patient leaves the clinic.

Fat dissolving injection recovery

One of the best things about fat-dissolving injections, which is especially beneficial for people who cannot afford to take a break from work and daily activities, is that there is no downtime. However, redness, swelling and pain at the treatment site are normal.

There is also a chance that the treated area may feel hard, but this is nothing to worry about as it will soften over time. It takes around 6 to 8 weeks for results to be visible as the swelling and bruising will subside over time.

Fat-dissolving injection before and after

With proper weight maintenance, the results of fat-dissolving injections are known to be long-lasting. It may take a few weeks to see results due to the swelling, but when it becomes firm, the treated area looks natural and even matches the results of surgical lipolysis.

This treatment was originally made for submental fat but can now be used on other parts of the body. As can be seen in the before and after pictures, the patients were able to achieve their goal with fat-dissolving injections. The treatment not only improves the contours of the face, but also the body. Most women are also satisfied with improvements in bra roll.

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Korean Fat Dissolving Injection - Guide to Beauty and Body Perfection! | Amoa skin clinic (3)

Overall, fat-dissolving injections help achieve your goal for both your face and body through a non-invasive treatment. This treatment is the complete beauty package for someone striving to get rid of that excess fat instantly and for those that diet or exercise could ever fix.

Not only does this treatment provide lasting good results, but it is also proven to be safe as deoxycholic acid is FDA approved. Compared to traditional liposuction, fat-dissolving injections require no downtime or lengthy recovery and only take less than an hour for the procedure.

If you think this treatment is right for you, you can contact Amoa Clinic free of chargeconsultation. We will also ensure that you acquire the benefits of this procedure with the help of our board certified plastic surgeons. We guarantee that we will offer you the best service to achieve the face and body you have always wanted.

What are the best fat dissolving injections from South Korea?

The South Korean beauty scene has taken the global skincare and beauty industry by storm. South Korea's beauty industry is 10 to 12 years ahead of the rest of the world. Thanks to the innovative Korean strategies, many cosmetics, slimming products and many other beauty products are widely used nowadays. There are several known using fat dissolving injections from South Koreachapeland Lipo Lab PPC solutions among the leading products. Both products are proven to have high effectiveness and a great satisfaction rate when it comes to weight loss.

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Korean Fat Dissolving Injection - Guide to Beauty and Body Perfection! | Amoa skin clinic (5)

Lipo Lab PPCSolution injections offer many benefits for weight loss. It is designed to take care of the body easier and faster by selecting raw materials from Germany, which is known for safety, effectiveness and the best purity of 99.8%. In addition, it was designed to solve a problem in packaging when it comes to fat-dissolving solutions, such as: B. the ability to be stored at normal temperatures. In addition, Lipo Lab does not require anesthesia as it hardly causes any pain.

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On the other hand,chapelThe dual mechanism of to induce the destruction of fat cells makes it stand out from the rest. In addition, using cable line also gives you a natural looking finish. Aside from that, Kabelline is known for being cheaper than other products with the same effect. Despite its very affordable price, it has little to no side effects, giving you a convenient and safe shortcut to your desired body look.

How long do fat-dissolving injections last?

The effects of fat-dissolving injections last a long time as long as you maintain a stable and healthy weight. Because the injection kills fat cells, the result can be considered permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight, as weight gain means adding fat cells, which can restore the area's appearance before fat-dissolving injections were administered. If this happens, you may need to have another round of fat-dissolving injections, which will require two to four sessions six to eight weeks apart, which is the standard time for the swelling to heal.

How effective are fat-dissolving injections?

To get rid of excess fat on the face and body, fat-dissolving injections are sufficient. The results of a study showed that the injections on the face were more effective, especially in the mandibular and submental regions. Good results can also be seen in the area of 鈥嬧媡he bra roll and arms compared to the thighs and flanks.

Do fat-dissolving injections work on the stomach?

Yes, fat-dissolving injection brands like Kybella work well on the abdominal area as well as other parts of the body like the chin, arms, thighs, and back. However, the results are more commendable when performed on the facial area.


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