Microneedling Aftercare Do's and Don'ts & Recommended Skincare Ingredients (2023)

Joy, CEO and co-founder of Eunogo, who has been through many microneedling sessions herself, shares some aftercare tips to get the best results.

Microneedling is becoming an increasingly popular procedure as it is good for acne, acne scars, general anti-aging, collagen boost and skin rejuvenation. However, it can also be difficult to take care of your skin after a microneedling session as it is often very sensitive. Today I'm going to cover the pros and cons of microneedling aftercare.

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At Eunogo we get many questions from customers about microneedling treatments:

  • What do I do next for aftercare?
  • What things should I avoid?
  • What skin care should I use or should I avoid?

In this article I summarize all aftercare tips and also what not to do after a microneedling procedure.First, let's start with what not to do and what to avoid afterwards, especially in the first week after microneedling treatment.

What to avoid after microneedling

1. Avoid activities that involve excessive sweating.

These include sauna, intense exercise and jjimjilbang (public bathhouses). Also avoid direct sunlight, otherwise you may sweat.

2. No alcohol or smoking.

Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least 1 week after microneedling so that your skin can heal quickly.

3. Avoid skin makeup.

I know this is the hardest part! But try your best to avoid skin makeup for at least 2 to 3 days after microneedling.After the microneedling treatment, your skin is still wounded and healing, so it's best to avoid getting chemicals or artificial coloring into your skin.

There are certain skin care ingredients that you should avoid for a week after microneedling including certain active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C as your skin is already irritated by the treatment. IIt is best not to use any active ingredients that could increase the irritation.

4. Avoid exfoliation.

For the same reason, you should avoid exfoliating. You do not want to cause any additional irritation after the microneedling treatment.

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5. Avoid exposure to sunlight, especially strong, direct sunlight.

This last tip is very important. Try wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a mask, and apply a higher SPF. Make sure you reapply every 2 to 3 hours as sunlight is really bad for your skin, especially when your skin is still healing from all those microneedling wounds.

What to do after microneedling?

Now let's talk about what to do after microneedling treatment.You obviously spent a lot of money and time on the procedure and you definitely want to heal faster and keep the effects for as long as possible. I recommend a few skincare ingredients and aftercare tips to take care of your skin after microneedling.

1. Use aloe vera extract ingredients

The first ingredient I recommend is aloe vera extract.If you come from a Korean family, chances are you had a childhood where your mother kept a lot of aloe vera around the house.If you go outside and get sunburned, always apply aloe vera to your face and it is said to soothe and heal the skin.

THere are skin care products like sheet masks and gels that are formulated with aloe vera. They soothe and soothe any irritation caused by the treatment, so this is the first ingredient I recommend.

I really like sheet masks that are primarily formulated with aloe vera extract.Thecontains those sheet masks formulated with high quality aloe vera extract. They really heal your skin and soothe any irritation and make your skin heal faster so I highly recommend these.

2. Apply collagen-stimulating peptides

The second ingredient I recommend after microneedling is collagen-stimulating peptides.Remember how I said your skin is still healing from the wounds? The microneedle creates specific wounds in your skin, which means any skin care ingredients you apply while your skin is healing will be absorbed faster and penetrate deeper into your skin.

So you should use this time to infuse all the good skincare ingredients into your skin and collagen stimulating peptides not only help your skin to heal faster but also to provide an extra collagen boost and anti-aging effects and overall skin rejuvenation generate .

Some good products to use for the peptides will also be presentCustom Yourfit ampoules, specifically the “Releve N Power” (green bottle) and “Revitalization” (orange bottle) ampoules.It contains different types of good collagen stimulating peptides.

(Video) Post microneedling: when to add serums, devices and skincare back into your routine | Penn Smith

OxygenCeuticals’couperose fluid and couperose creamare also great aftercare products. This includes not only the peptides, but also the aforementioned aloe vera extract.

3. Apply skin care product with hyaluronic acid

And the last skincare ingredient after microneedling is hyaluronic acid.Remember that your skin is still healing from the wounds and should absorb all the ingredients faster and more deeply.

Hyaluronic acid not only provides your skin with moisture, but also helps you to achieve a very radiant, dewy skin with an aqua-shining glow.Well, what is important to note, if you apply pure hyaluronic acid it may be too aggressive for irritated skin after treatment, so I would recommend some products that contain certain amounts of hyaluronic acid.

For example OxygenCeuticals'Moisture Aqua Serumcontains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid and is a light serum that is very gentle and mild on your skin. IIt will be very nice to use this after microneedling treatment.

In summary, some of the good ingredients after microneedling are aloe vera extract for calming and healing, collagen-stimulating peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

Microneedling skin care routine

I've put together a skincare routine that you can use after microneedling treatments. It is highly recommended to repeat these steps every day for 7 days while you recover from the treatment.

1. Cleaner

OxygenCeuticals Purifying Foaming Wash

The first step is cleaning. Be sure to use a sensitivity tested, very gentle and mild cleanser. DBe sure to skip exfoliation for at least a week.

2. Toner

(Video) 12 Important Microneedling Aftercare Tips

OxygenCeuticals Toning Gel

Use a toner that has also been tested for sensitivity. A mild, gentle toner works best.

3. Ampoule & Sheet Mask

I recommend the Yourfit Ampoule & Sheet Mask Kit together. Sstart by applying theampoule, which contains high levels of collagen-stimulating peptides, followed by the sheet mask formulated with aloe vera. together, met helps calm and soothe your skin, and aAt the same time, it promotes overall collagen and helps your skin regenerate and rejuvenate.

The reason I really emphasize using the sheet mask is that the sheet mask creates a physical barrier. WWhile your skin is recovering from sheet masking, it helps absorb all the ingredients very quickly and deeply. The result is maximized because you still have the wounds caused by the microneedling.

4. Serum with hyaluronic acid, peptides and/or aloe vera

OxygenCeuticals Couperose Liquid

After the sheet masking is complete, allow it to soak into your skin, and then you can apply a serum formulated with hyaluronic acid, peptides, or aloe vera, or all together.

5. Cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides and/or aloe vera

OxygenCeuticals Cell Couperose-Creme

(Video) Does Your Microneedling Look Like This?

After the serum, you can apply the cream formulated with similar ingredients. TThese help your skin heal much faster.

6. Sunscreen (during the day)

Rovectin Anti-Irritant UV Defense Getönt SPF 50+ PA+++

And the final step, if it's a daily routine, be sure to wear SPF to protect your irritated skin from sunlight. make sure youReapply every 2 to 3 hours to ensure your skin is always protected from the sun.

Follow-up care is just as important as treatment. So, following these steps will definitely help you achieve more dewy and glowing skin and help your skin to have a longer lasting effect after your microneeding treatment.

If you are unsure about choosing the right skin care products, it is always safe to use products that are clinically approved and distributed in skin clinics and hospitals. Such brands in Korea includeRovectins Anti-Irritant-Line,OxygenCeuticals, as well asYourfit from who.

I hope you found this guide useful.If you have any questions or any other topic you'd like us to cover, please commentYouTube-Video, or you can always DM usInstagram.

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